We run a group for young carers in North Hertfordshire aged 8-18 that meets fortnightly during term time. The group offers respite and peer support in a safe and fun environment.

We generally run three different activities: sports, cookery and arts and crafts. There is always badminton and table tennis available. We have recently played volleyball and dodge ball, made paninis and brownies in the kitchen and pompoms and puppets in the art room.

The high proportion of adults to young carers means there’s always someone to have a quiet chat with. The essence of the group is to provide a safe place where the young carers can come and feel safe and supported. A strong vein of caring, respecting and valuing the circumstances and skills of all the young carers runs through everything we do.

Peer support is important too. Often feeling very isolated, many of the young carers form strong, enduring friendships when they come to the group.

The group gives young carers a place where they can ‘just be themselves’ and hopefully have fun too.


“Thank you so much Jo you don’t realise how thankful I am for young careers you are all amazing it’s helped my daughter in so many ways she doesn’t have any friends at school as the girls all think she’s babyish.. Where as young careers she has friends and confidence  that shines when she comes bk like her letter from the tooth fairly she didn’t tell anyone at school she said they will laugh where as last night she said I can’t wait to read this to everyone ❤️xxx”

“The work you do is truly inspiring and incredible for our children and family’s… My son has grown being around this support and positivity, which is so needed being a sibling of sen twinnies and having to adapt, with resentment there because he takes a back sit, and life is hard for us all. And becoming a teenager at this time in this world is a very vulnerable time… You always reach out to us a family so we matter too, and is this love that keeps you strong , gives you strength in the hard times and support when needed thank you xxx”