Lots of people are involved in making the group run. Here are some of them.


Anji was really pleased to be selected to work with the young carers group as Group Manager in September 2017. She is a qualified youth worker and visual artist, often working in schools, colleges and youth clubs. As a child Anji was very sporty – running, swimming and taking part in athletics for her school. In her teenage years she developed a passion for music and the arts, going to see bands and making her own clothes.


Natalya joined Young Carers’ Crew after a 4-year break from the sports industry.  She missed the energy that young people bring.  Natalya is also a holistic therapist, and shares the importance of relaxation through cooking, engaging in sport and having a good chat.


Anna might write for her day job, but she’s not great at writing about herself! Having worked with children and young people in the past, she was keen to get involved with the YCC to share her love of arts, crafts and eating cake.


E = Enthusiastic M = Motivational I = Industrious L = Laugher Y = Youthful… Emily enjoys helping the young carers temporarily drop their caring role and just be.


By day, Kayleigh is a young chemistry research apprentice at GSK, studying towards a bachelors degree. By (every other Thursday) night, she enjoys supporting and volunteering at Young Carers’ Crew to bring enthusiasm, fun and (sometimes science-based) activities to the sessions.


Helen joined Young Carers’ Crew in 2012. She is currently the Group Secretary, a Trustee and a Group Volunteer. Helen enjoys helping the young carers develop their cooking skills. They make both sweet and savory goodies to eat, and enjoy sharing them together.