Lots of people are involved in making the group run. Here are some of them.

Jo B

Jo took over running the Young Carers group sessions in early 2020 just before everything shut down due to the Covid pandemic. In her own words – I am an experienced Playworker, that likes to encourage and inspire our young people to achieve and do well in a safe playing environment


My name is Jane. I am married and have three teenage children. I work as a school science technician and previously worked as a secondary school teaching assistant. I’ve been amongst children, personally and in a working capacity, for many years and I love it. I like arts and crafts, reading, animals and being outdoors.


Natalya joined Young Carers’ Crew after a 4-year break from the sports industry.  She missed the energy that young people bring.  Natalya is also a holistic therapist, and shares the importance of relaxation through cooking, engaging in sport and having a good chat.


Anna has been a group volunteer since 2017 and a trustee since 2020. She has a background in psychology and works in the toy industry as a researcher, specialising in child development through play. At group sessions Anna enjoys doing arts and crafts, as it gives her a great opportunity to chat with the young people and encourage them to explore their creativity.


By day, Kayleigh is a young chemistry research apprentice at GSK, studying towards a bachelors degree. By (every other Thursday) night, she enjoys supporting and volunteering at Young Carers’ Crew to bring enthusiasm, fun and (sometimes science-based) activities to the sessions.


Helen joined Young Carers Crew in 2012.  Having started as a Group Volunteer (when she enjoyed helping the young carers develop their cooking skills –yum!!), she went on to become the Group Secretary and a Trustee—positions she still holds.  She is proud to be part of this fantastic team, all working together to support our young carers.